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RSS feeds I subscribe to

I use Radio UserLand’s news aggregator to read several news feeds in RSS format. If you enjoy reading my weblog, then perhaps some of them will interest you as well.

A list of the feeds is below. Radio isn't the only news aggregator around, though it's a very good one. If you read a lot of weblogs without an aggregator, I strongly suggest you reconsider: you can save a lot of time with one, and Radio, at least, is extremely easy to set up.

For each news feed:

  • Click the white-on-orange XML button to view the feed's RSS XML source.
  • If you use Radio, click the white coffee cup to subscribe to the feed.
  • If you use another aggregator, copy the RSS document's address from the XML button.
  • Click the feed's title in order to view the corresponding Web site in your browser.
The first feed in the list, "CocoaDev Recent Changes", is a poor example. I use RssDistiller to generate it, so the links point to my local machine. If you want to subscribe to this feed, use the public version which I publish: the RSS source is here, or if you're a Radio user, subscribe. The MacEdition feed is similar: RSS, subscribe with Radio.

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