CS155b Final Project

Graph3D: a 3-D function grapher in Java

created by Nicholas Riley and Neal Shanske

[You can't see this applet because your browser doesn't support Java, or Java isn't enabled.]

Please see the on-line help in Graph3D for information regarding the applet's usage. To display the on-line help, choose About Graph3D... from the Help menu and click the Help button.

Known problems: Some display anomalies while resizing the main graph window. Under the MSIE/MW VM, the alert box informing the user that the camera and/or range settings are incorrect appears twice; the other option is to use a synchronized block, which is tolerated under other VMs but under MSIE/MW causes the program to hang (though only one alert box appears).

NOTE: This applet may not work correctly (ClassNotFound for a constructor for java.awt.Checkbox) under Netscape's virtual machine. Sun AppletViewer, Mac OS Runtime for Java 2.0's Applet Runner, the Microsoft virtual machine, and the MSIE/MW Mac VM (Internet Explorer or CodeWarrior) all have no problems with it.

Here is the homework assignment.

The Java source of this applet is available here. You should be able to view the HTML source of this page as well.

Nicholas Riley
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