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To Do for Radio

Want to include to-do lists in your Instant Outline? Or in any other outline in Radio 8 or Frontier?

Download toDo.root. Drop it in the Tools folder in your Radio or Frontier folder.

In the instructions below, I will refer to right-clicking as the action for displaying a contextual menu. If you're using a Mac without a two-button input device, substitute Control-clicking as appropriate.

How to use:

Take an outline to which you'd like to-do items added.

Right-click on a headline and choose "Add Checkboxes" from the contextual menu to add checkboxes to that headline and its subheads.

To mark a checkbox with a checkmark, simply double-click it. This only works if the corresponding headline has no subheads; if it does, then double-clicking will collapse and expand as usual.

Some additional contextual menu items are available to checkbox items:

  • Check (Mark Completed): Marks the clicked-upon headline and its subheads as completed (adds checkmarks).
  • Uncheck (Mark To Be Completed): Marks the clicked-upon headline and its subheads as not completed (removes checkmarks).
  • Remove Checkbox: Removes a checkbox from the clicked-upon headline, but not from its subheads. Useful in the case above if "Thursday" has a checkmark on it, but you don't want it to have one.

That's all—pretty simple. I've found it effective in helping me keep track of my to-do items from the familiar confines of Radio.

toDo.root hasn't been tested on Windows. The checkbox icons may appear incorrectly there, because the icon format is different. If this is the case, please let me know.

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