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Click here to visit the Radio UserLand website.


More useful stuff for the Radio dock menu

Here's what to do:

  • Save this Web page to a HTML file (not a Web Archive or similar). More information about this step is here.
  • Open the Radio app.
  • Drop the file you saved onto the Radio icon in the Dock.
  • Say yes to importing it to workspace.myDockMenu.
  • Command-J (control-J on Windows) to user.callbacks.systemTrayIconRightClick.
  • Replace the item in the "Value" column with @workspace.myDockMenu. If you haven't edited a table before: move the mouse pointer over the top of the text beginning with "@", you'll see it change to an I-beam, then just click and edit. Press return when you've finished editing. The window should look like this:

That's all. You should now be able to see an expanded Dock menu as above.

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